Just another W.I.P.

This entire blog has been a Work In Progress for me. For over a year I have struggled with the logistics, with a name, with what exactly I would be able to contribute to the crocheting community at large. Slowly the answers and motivation came to me, the results are here. All except maybe the last.

What do I, a self proclaimed intermediate (at best) hooker have to offer to the crocheting community? The answer is simply the love of creating, the pride I feel in my creations, the elation of a completed project, and the eagerness I feel in starting a new one.

Hopefully, as I continue working this WIP, I will be able to increase my skill and usefulness to you, my reader. If not, then I will simply enjoy the process and the expression I am being allowed.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my most current WIP. I do have about five that I’m working on, but this one I just started Friday. A baby virus blanket commission that will hopefully have an amazing edging, but I won’t jinx myself with a description yet!img_5753

Have a wonderful yarn filled Sunday!



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