Fulfilling classes

I teach a beginner’s crochet class at my local library. Once a week since October I have dutifully gone after work and sat down at a table waiting for someone to join me. I have had one person since the first class, and she is a natural. She second guesses herself constantly, but then I do the same. This long period of time it has been the two of us with one or two others floating in and out.

This week it was different. I had six (SIX) students! One person who knew exactly what she was doing, just wanted to learn how to make a granny square. My lovely first pupil who ended up helping me teach the person next to her, another lady who had a question about how to attach sleeves on a sweater, another who had stopped crocheting years ago wanting to pick it back up, and then the reasons for this post.

I will not go into anything personal, no names or physical descriptions, just their stories as it relates to me. One lady who is probably my own age said her grandmother had tried teaching her how to crochet when she was a child, but being a child she had dismissed it. Now she is older and wants to learn, but her grandmother has passed. She was so excited when she saw the advertisement for the class that she jumped at the opportunity even though my library is far from her. This struck a chord with me because when my own grandmother passed I found her knitting needles when I was cleaning up her things. I had no idea that she had even knitted at any point in her life. When I found them I wished with every thing I had to go back in time and ask her to teach me. I have those needles and learned to knit using them just for the connection.

The other student was a teenager the previous lady brought with her. She was the most delightful soul. She tried her hardest to figure out what I was doing although she is left handed and I have no clue about left handed crochet being a staunch right hander. I encouraged and kept things light because the poor thing was getting very frustrated. I finally handed her a skein of yarn and a hook and told her to look up left handed crochet at home and just practice.

These two individuals made me feel like I was doing something important by giving up my evenings to hold this class. For one I was giving her the means to make a connection to her lost grandmother. For the other, maybe I have started something that will give her hours of enjoyment and stress release. I truly hope that these two return to my little library. I would love to have more fulfilling classes by sharing my love of crochet.


2 thoughts on “Fulfilling classes

  1. This is awesome! My mother taught me how to crochet when i was so young that I don’t even remember actually learning. It was just something that I did. I’m left handed so I can understand your student’s frustration. I watch right handed videos for neat looking patterns and I just automatically reverse everything in my mind. 🙂

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