Elephants on my Mind

I made a baby virus blanket last month for a co-worker. Elephants marched around the edge and I was absolutely tickled with the result.


My boss came to me a couple weeks ago and asked me to do the same thing for a baby shower that is coming up this weekend. I was excited, I’m always excited to get a commission. So I picked up yarn when I was at my part time job and set to work.

And work it was…

I finished it this last Sunday, but not after my boyfriend asking me if I was sick of the blanket. He also looked at me one day and said, “You’re still working on that?” I think he was just as sick of it as I was at the end. It might have been the pink yarn, or it may have been the way I sighed each time I picked it up, I’m not sure. I love the virus stitch, I made two shawls for Solstice presents this year, and I plan on doing another virus blanket at some point in time, but it may take me a while to feel the desire.

Anyway, here it is in all its glory, the Baby Virus of Elephants… (I’m sure I’ll come up with a much catchier name after I hit post)



And now… to work on the baby blanket for a dear friend that I have been trying to do since New Year’s.



2 thoughts on “Elephants on my Mind

    1. There is another tutorial out there for elephants crocheted with thread that I wanted to learn, but it was in spanish. I tried to just watch and write down what the lady was doing, but I was on a time crunch, like usual.

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