And the beat goes on…

All of a sudden that line of the song is going through my head. Ah, Sonny and Cher, how you have given me a theme song for my life. Thank you.

I am still working diligently on my new baby blanket. It is taking forever. I’m not sure why I constantly think that every pattern I try is going to be easy and quick. I surely get mentally beaten by enough patterns that I should know better by now. It’s always the patterns that I purchase with someone in particular in mind that are the hardest though. Most of the time those projects get pushed to the side, another present purchased with the intent of finishing the project eventually to give to the person, but it never happens. I have 7 skeins of think dark red yarn sitting in my closet currently for a blanket that I began making three years ago. I ripped out the four inches that I had completed before it became too difficult, stupid tunisian stitch. The stitch itself wasn’t difficult, but the hearts I was trying to put into the blanket were.

Anyway, the beat goes on, and I go on stitch by single crochet stitch, until I finish it… Here is a picture of the blanket’s current status.


Once I finish this blanket I will try to write up a review of Caron’s Simply Soft, or maybe it’ll happen one day when I’m tired of single crochets.

PS: If you find yourself on Facebook, I started a group page CJ’s Crooked Hook, not much on there yet, but soon there might be!



2 thoughts on “And the beat goes on…

  1. It is so true! I too suffer from severe “Underestimate-itis” LOL – I have so many many times thought Yeah I can finish that up in like 2 days – then 2 months have gone by!! What’s worse is my habit of buying not enough yarn – you think I would notice that the pattern tells you how much yarn you need, yet I seem to think that it obviously doesn’t need that much! 😀

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    1. It always seems like so much in the cart! Or like the blanket I’m currently working on, I’ve finished a couple parts with at least a full skein left over. Maybe it’ll take a lot to put it together, but I can see some making it’s way to my stash.

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