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Let’s get scrappy!

I was gifted a bag of chunky yarn like the Lion Brand Homespun type. None of the skeins have labels so I can’t really determine the weight or brand or color names, but they are very similar to the skeins I have collected over the years.



Drawn by an unexplained lust, especially after working with it on a couple projects and not liking it for crocheting (knitting is another story), I continue to collect skein after skein.

I bought a skein at Michael’s one day last year with the idea of creating a shawl for myself. I bought many skeins to make a blanket with Red Heart Light and Lofty for a wedding present that never materialized. I bought even more because they were on clearance, or because they are just so darn pretty and SOFT, oh my gods they are soft. Aside from a couple of scarves, which I truly believe were knitted, I have never completed a project with this yarn.

So today, when I had a couple minutes downtime at work, I started looking up patterns for super bulky yarn. I’m actually kind of disappointed at the lack of results. I found a couple contenders, but I’m not sure I like the way items look using bulky yarn. I think when I get a minute and a half (HA!) I’ll try to make a beanie with some of what I received to see what happens.

I’m still not sure what to do with my Homespun stash, but I’m currently in the process of reducing my leftovers stash by making a Scraptastic Granny Blankie. Using the mini leftover balls of yarn that I have accumulated, and that were gifted to me by my mother, I am hooking a blanket that will probably end up on my bed. I cannot imagine selling it, and I doubt anyone would appreciate this as a gift. To me however, it is an accomplishment. I get these mini balls, which are constantly falling and unraveling, out of my way and used. I will have space in my office because they did not sit in my yarn closet very well, and I get something that I created to keep. Most of the things I make are given away or sold, so this would be the first blanket that I will have kept. Then there is the bonus that the pattern is so easy I can hook while watching an engaging show, much unlike the baby blanket that I am STILL trying to complete. That baby will be here long before I finish the blocks, much less when I actually get the time to put it all together!


So tonight I’ll watch hockey while I hook away diminishing my scrap stash, and hopefully tomorrow after some homework I can put a dent into the remaining blocks on the baby blanket.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



One thought on “Let’s get scrappy!

  1. What is it about Homespun that makes it so irresistible? I keep buying skeins here and there too but haven’t used it yet! I did see an easy cardigan style sweater on YouTube that inspired me to buy some of the skeins but the rest are just because it LOOKS like it can be used for something amazing. I really like scrap granny blankets because you really don’t know what it’s going to end up like and you get a chance to put colors together that you wouldn’t have thought to before. 🙂


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