The Euphoria of a Finished Project

Pretty sure I have mentioned the baby blanket I have been working on since January. It has been the bane of my existence, especially in the last two months because the lovely lady I was giving it to was due at the beginning of May. The seemingly endless single crochets and popcorn stitches stretched out before me, taunting me during any downtime at either of my jobs, or while I was trying to study. The Caron Simply Soft yarn heckled me whenever I would walk by my TV chair. I began to imagine it as an evil genius plotting my demise whenever I picked it up. Two single crochets and the yarn would split. Take my hook out to perform the popcorn stitch and it wouldn’t go back in correctly. I started counting down, five more pieces, four… and then they were done!


With all the pieces created, I needed to place them in the correct order and then piece it together.


I present to you, “Twinkle” by Jody Pyott of Color & Shape Design, LLC. I believe I purchased the pattern from Ravelry, here.


The colors match the baby’s nursery, and I was only off by a couple days; he was born on Monday and the blanket arrived on Friday. Both parents are happy with the gift and I was happy to have this bad boy off my WIP list.

Now I’m off to discover my next crocheting adventure!



3 thoughts on “The Euphoria of a Finished Project

  1. Wow that came out fantastic!! That’s a lot of single stitch!! I was laughing at your yarn taunting you – I think that being snarky is a trait of Caron Simply Soft – along with the splitting! I love this yarn but I always end up having little arguments with it! This is an amazing pattern and with such a sturdy little stitch it is sure to become an heirloom that this lucky little boy could give to his children someday! 😀

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