All the little projects

Since finishing my large project of “Twinkle” by Jody Pyott, I have been doing odds and ends, cleaning up my WIP list. By far, my favorite finished project has been my Louise hat from Bob’s Burgers.


I love this show, so I wanted to make my own version of her hat. I have wire in the ears to keep them standing up. This hat (and head) are still sitting next to my computer so that when I am up to my eyeballs in homework and stressing out I can turn my head, see it and smile, because I made it all on my own.

Then I finished up a baby blanket that I have been hooking since probably November. Originally it started as a class project, but my devoted student finished her version quickly and I put mine aside to start something new with her. I still had a lot of yarn after the blanket was finished so I decided to make a sweater and hat so I can sell it as a complete baby shower set.

This is the trio hanging outside the other day drying. I loved making this sweater, I think the colors are absolutely perfect, and the yarn is so soft and airy. It was only my second attempt at a sweater, the first was for a student who was having trouble with the instructions on the sleeves. I ended up making one just so I could work out the pattern.

Then I made this little baby blanket. The label said cream, but it really looks yellow to me. Not sure who will like this color combo, but it was screaming for the brown.


Finally, I finished off a Father’s Day/Birthday present for my father and step-mother. Their birthdays are six days apart, and my dad’s birthday is always around Father’s Day. I made a couple pillows for them to put into their new camper. The granny’s are a little loose, but it was my first time. I really loved the way the back turned out.


Overall, I’ve been very productive this last month. I’m getting an A in my Finance class which ends next week, and been plugging away at work. So happy that I have my crocheting to keep me relaxed and sane throughout it all.

Blessings to you all!



One thought on “All the little projects

  1. Wow you’ve been really busy! Great hat! I love Bob’s Burgers!!! That blanket/sweater/hat ensemble is adorable!! And I love the granny pillows too – that back looks so nice!! 🙂


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