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Sunday Reflections

Wednesday night I was planning on writing up a WIP Wednesday post. In all my eagerness I rounded up all of my WIP’s and put them on the daybed for a snapshot.


Included are the Link blanket I started about four years ago (far left), my rainbow blanket (top middle), a pink scarf, a knit beach cover-up from 3 years ago (top right), a tank top (middle), a knit Gryffindor scarf, a crochet sock, and a graphgan (far bottom).

The knit cover-up I started doing in Utah with a great friend of mine. We would meet up once a week at a coffee shop and knit for a hour and chat. She was wonderful company, and I miss her tremendously. I had packed this away when I moved away, and just unearthed it this summer. I love the colors in the Peaches and Cream yarn, so I pick it up on days I need a little color in my life. Knit always takes me much longer than crochet, so those projects always seem to get thrown onto the back burner.

The Link blanket is a project I started maybe more than four years ago if I’m being honest. Initially it was to be a blanket for my ex. I had no idea that creating so many granny squares for an 8-bit blanket would be so tedious or time consuming. I still plan on finishing this project, but it only becomes my front burner when all other projects are complete.

While thinking back on my UFO’s are great fun, or sometimes sore memories, I looked at all the projects I had piled on my daybed, and decided enough is enough. No more projects until I finished some of these.

With that in mind, I evaluated my status on each and decided to finish up the tank top first.

This project started because Tanglewood Knots wrote this post about the lovely tank top she was wearing. I immediately went to Yarnspirations and downloaded the pattern Floral Cami

After a visit to The Crochet Crowd, thinking I would need a larger size than the Large on the pattern, I started hooking. I had purchased a bag full of Paton’s Metallic yarn one day at the dollar store, and thought it would be perfect for this. So last weekend I worked on it, and then finished it yesterday. I still haven’t weaved in the ends, but that is no reason not to share.


My advise to anyone wanting to try out this pattern… the large is probably going to be plenty. I used the numbers for extra large, and I think I’m going to do one in large just to see the difference. It only used 2.5 skeins of the yarn, so I have plenty left over for another go around. I think next time I’ll follow the pattern for finishing the sides too, this one I simply whip stitched it together. I think using a ribbon to weave the sides closed will give it a much fancier touch.

Of course, next time will be after I finish a couple more projects… Too many UFO’s and too many ideas, I need to learn to crochet faster!

Blessings to all,




5 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections

  1. Gorgeous!! I agree with you on the sizing. The mesh really gives a lot of stretch. I love the yarn you used!! The lighter color really shows off the fans on the bottom!! Now – about that daybed full of wips 😀 I only have one that is almost a year old, but there have been many that almost ended up in the “UFO Archives”. All of my other wips are less than a month old. I have recently decided that I will never be WIP Shamed again – my thoughts are it’s my yarn and my house and if I want to start a new project every day that’s what I’m going to do! I think that I stress too much about unfinished crochet projects. I have been trying lately and having moderate success at not starting a project until I finish one, but I don’t make that a set in stone rule. When the inspiration strikes me I just need to give in to it and grab my hook. Great job on the tank top!! It really is a quick and easy pattern that is also very pretty! 😀


    1. Oh I forgot to mention – I would love to see the Link blanket!! We are huge Legend of Zelda fans!! I’m assuming that’s the Link you were talking about. I’ve been wanting to do something like this but I was thinking to follow a C2C design. 😀


    2. Thank you for the WIP support Tami. I just get so many ideas in my head and if I go to the store for a specific yarn, that is not available, I still end up with a bagful with wild ideas of what I’ll be making. I’ve determined for my own piece of mind I’m going forward with my Link blanket. Granny squares abound! Four years is long enough for me to wait for a finished product. So even though my yarn accumulates at a much faster rate than I will be able to use it, I’m going to try to refrain long enough to finish this bad boy.

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