The Planned Pooling Experiment

I bought three skeins of Red Heart Super Saver Antique while Walmart had their yarn on clearance recently to make room for their Mainsaver brand. This happens to be one of those colors that I have drooled over, but never had a project that required it. 40 cents off each really wasn’t clearance priced, but I grabbed them anyway. With this bounty I decided I would try out this planned pooling technique that is have seen on different sites that make the yarn look like argyle. So, a dream of a fake argyle scarf in mind, I read the article on pooling by Marly Bird on Red Heart’s webpage. Then I grabbed my coffee, turned on Doctor Who, and started chaining.

My first attempt was with an I hook chaining 34. It did not seem to be pooling after crocheting this much so I frogged it.

This time I used a H hook. I thought it started pooling in the beginning, but then it stopped so it too was frogged.

Then I started with a G hook. This time I didn’t stop after my designated amount of trial yarn had expired, I kept going until I could see that, yes, there is a pattern! Then I kept going. My tension must have changed slightly because a different pattern started showing itself, almost like diamonds…

After one skein I went to grab another skein to finish the scarf only to realize (horror of horrors) all three skeins had different dye lots!

Nevertheless, I persisted.

I finished out the second skein, and while there isn’t a clearly defined pooling, there is an interesting effect.

Overall, this foray into planned pooling did not give me the result I was seeking. Maybe this type of yarn-play isn’t for me. I do not have the patience or time to frog a piece multiple times in order to get the colors to pay correctly. I would rather be able to take that time and apply it to another project. If I do decide to play with pooling again later, I promise to be sure my dye lots match, and to do several swatches with the colorway in order to figure out the patterns before attempting a project. Methinks this experimentation will have to wait until school is finished.

Happy experimentation!



5 thoughts on “The Planned Pooling Experiment

  1. I think it came out great! The Antique is a colorway that I’ve been eyeballing for a long time too but never came up with an idea to use it on. I tried a few times to get the color pooling thing right last year but didn’t have any luck. I watched tons of videos and tried to play with the tension but it never came out. I didn’t even think of changing the hook size! LOL Maybe I’ll give it another try but I fear that planned pooling argyle may not be in the cards for me. Which like you said I’m okay with because it is some very fussy crocheting and I like to just let my hook go and not have to think too much about it! 😀

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    1. Thanks! I too enjoy the patterns that I can just let flow through the hook instead of fighting every stitch. I have a couple items that I put to the side because no matter what I did it wouldn’t work out correctly.

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