It’s been awhile…

Last week I had a break between classes so I did what any woman working two jobs and going to school would do, I took vacation days so I would be able to do absolutely nothing.

I filled in for someone at my part time job on Saturday, but otherwise I slept in, I binge watched stuff on my DVR, and crocheted so much that I am fighting wrist pain now. Arthritis doesn’t much like wet nasty weather changes or being pushed to the breaking point. Not going to worry though. I’ll just ice my shoulder, which is where my problems start, and move on. Other than that, my darling cousin is putting on a vendor fair in December, and I decided I wanted to be a part of it. It will be my very first foray into selling my wares in a public setting. All kinds of nervous, and I’ve been scouring old pattern books trying to find quick things that might sell. This past week I finished all of this:

And even managed to try out a pattern for an eye mask. Throwing around an idea for a spa basket, thought a sleep mask would be a good addition.

That’s about all from the home front. Off to do some icing and start my next class.




One thought on “It’s been awhile…

  1. I know exactly how you feel about the craft fair!! I have my very first one the end of next month. I’m so nervous about it. I have a list of little things that are quick and cheap to make like Christmas ornaments but I haven’t started making anything yet. I wonder if I’m subconsciously procrastinating because I’m nervous!! I’ve noticed that you and I have the same taste in yarn choices – I’ve used the same yarn as your sleep mask (great idea with the spa basket by the way) and for the hat and scarf set!! 😀


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