A Love Story

I saw you across the aisle; noticing me, noticing you. Remembering all the rumors I moved closer, hoping to see if they were true. You watched me walk over, so I looked away shyly. Then I looked back, and Oh my gods! $5 a skein!!!! Maybe I should look at the Red Heart options again.

You called me even closer, and without realizing it I touched you. Drool, so squishy…. No, this isn’t right, I can’t buy anything more, my closet is bursting at the seams.

I picked you up and examined you, looking for a flaw, any reason not to take you home.

Holy cow, DK weight?!? And how many yards? 500? I must not be seeing this right.

Then you told me your name. I took home you and your twin, Centaur. I’ll never regret that night. (Or the other weeks it’ll take me to finish this project)

Mandala yarn I love you.



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