Solstice Tidings

Hello dearlings, a very Happy Solstice to you all!

Life has been pretty crazy in my corner of the world. Too many non crochet related things happened to keep me away from not only this blog, but also crocheting. I won’t bother my lovely readers with the gritty details, I will just say hug those you love close to you.

I did not get to attend a vendor fair that I wanted to participate in, but I did manage to finish my donation piece for the event.Based off of the blankets that I have seen all over Pinterest, I created a little turtle wall hanging. Definitely a fun little project, and people seemed to like it on my Facebook page. By the way feel free to look me up there, @CJ’sCrookedHook. I try to put up memes there at least once a week, and put pictures up of my work more often than here.

Anyway, I hope everyone is happy and well, and are enjoying your winter holidays.




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