First completed project of 2018!

The end of 2017 was a mass of confusion and stress. I had too many projects on my WIP list and no time or energy to complete any of them. After my class ended on the 24th I put all of my excess time into finishing a project for my boss. It was intended to be her Christmas gift from me and my co-worker, but it stretched beyond that time period. We told her it was delayed and gave it to her last week.

The center is a large granny square, and the squares along the outside are called Cluster Cross Square from this book:

I read up on a couple of patterns how to do the branch, and actually just made a long chain then free handed bumps and thickness as I went. The flowers are simple two round flowers. The ones on the bottom are not stitched down quite as well as the top ones, but overall I was happy with the finished project.

This is one of those projects where I broke my cardinal rule for my students: never doubt yourself. I was sending pictures of the project as I pieced it together to my co-worker and to Knotty Gal (darling cousin) asking for opinions and reassurance. Fortunately they both encouraged me to continue, so I persisted.

Now, onto my next WIP. Down to 15….

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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