WIP of the Week

I have a total of fifteen (15!) wip’s currently. Instead of shaming myself weekly with a recitation of the projects, I have decided to make it a special highlight each week of what is currently occupying my time. I have been working mainly on a baby blanket that my mother commissioned from me in November. The baby is due in May, but she wants a blanket, hat, and sweater. I finished the hat the other night…

And have been spending time on the baby blanket since I got another skein of the correct yarn.

This will soon be in my finished pile, and I can start on the sweater.

The other project I have been focused on this week has been my hardest project to date. It is a Red Heart pattern, I think it is Desert Painted Star. As I keep moving along I’ll provide links etc, but for now it is a definite learning activity for me. The pattern itself is not difficult, it’s being comfortable with joining the motifs that is the problem. I’m sure it will sort itself out as I’m only on round two of at least seven. (It calls for seven colors)

Wish me luck!

Until the next edition of Weekly WIP this is CJ asking, what’s on your hook?


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