Stitch by stitch

I have been doing a lot of dabbling these days. I start working on something, then put it down, then start on the next thing. I have only one side of a ruffle stitch left to complete one blanket which will be my daughter’s wedding present, she got married rather quickly on 3/14, so I didn’t have time to finish it beforehand. The two triple crochets per stitch is taking FOREVER!! Hopefully I will finish it this weekend.

Then I have been working on dice bags, mainly for my boyfriend, but I’ve been playing with the pattern and having a little fun.

I finally delivered to my mother a baby set for my childhood friend’s soon to be granddaughter. I am in love with this dress pattern, although my cluelessness of babies comes through in the sizing of the peach one. It’s so itty!!

Anyway, not much else crochet-wise has been going on, too occupied with school work, and taking care of my man. Hopefully things will calm down now so I can get back to hooking!



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