The never ending WIP list

I have recently been working on my WIP list. I was up at 14 projects the beginning of the year, I counted as part of my resolution to reduce the number. Then life happened, my boyfriend was in the hospital for a liver transplant, so I started a project to keep my mind occupied. Then I started a new project with my weekly crochet group to help out my beginner member. Then I got it in my head to start making dragon egg dice bags to highlight my geekiness. Needless to say my WIP list has grown even larger.

Last week I got fed up. I grabbed my nearest UFO and finished it. Then I grabbed the next. Now I am determined. Tonight, after finishing my discussion post for my accounting class I grabbed my grandson’s Christmas present that was not finished. This will be my project until it is finished. ::insert determined face here::

Of course as I finish the first round I remember why I so easily pushed it to the side. I really hate this yarn. Bernat Blanket is not my cup of coffee… it’s soft and squishy but I have to force each stitch.

I’m going to suck it up, and finish it, but I’m going to rethink my other grandson’s blanket. I was going to use the same yarn, now… not sure I want to suffer so much.

Here’s to the continued reduction of the never ending WIP list!



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