WIP it to the last stitch!

This week I have gone from emergency room visit, to hospital visit, to hospital visit, all the while carrying around my WIP of the week. Tonight, while visiting my man, I was actually able to finish this lovely baby blanket.

This is a light weight blanket that is incredibly simple, but looks just amazing. I hope the receiver enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it, she’ll be born in May.

At this point I should be cheering because I have another check in the completed column, but no. After some heavy wasted time on Pinterest I stumbled across a blog called Llamas and Lattes. For five years now they have been hosting a Geek-a-long featuring squares of geeky characters, t.v. shows, and movies. After looking at their previous blankets I have decided that wanted to participate. I think my actual reaction was, “OMG!!! I wanna do it! I wanna do it!” I’m already a couple weeks behind, and my crochet time has been limited this week, but I started on week one’s square.

Monty Python anybody?

Anyway, my WIP count remains at 15. Maybe this week will show more progress on my list. Nah, not a chance.



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